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Special Offers
Sorry there are currently no special offers. Please continue to check back or follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest offers!

Florida Residents
For Florida residents we will reduce your rate with 5% off your daily vacation rental rates. The registered address provided on the credit card used to book and pay for your reservation must also be a valid mailing/postal address in Florida to qualify for this special offer. Copy of drivers license must be provide by fax or email along with booking. Use code FLOR in the promotion code box

Military Discount
If you are an active serving member of the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines or Navy, for your service we would like to offer you 10% off our nightly rates. Copy of military ID must be provide by fax or email along with booking. Use code MIL in the promotion code box

Special Offer Terms

So that Palm Tree Vacation Homes can offer you additional savings above the value-for-money that you automatically enjoy when booking one of our vacation rentals ... we need to define some additional terms above the standard Terms and Conditions of rental that apply to all bookings.

Please read them carefully ...

  • Most special offers apply to either specific date ranges, events, groups or individuals.

  • Offers are available when booking through Palm Tree Vacation Homes ONLY, and not through Owners, Agents, Tour Operators or Others.

  • On each offer it explains the details of a special offer or promotion, additional terms and conditions are shown at the bottom of the this page.

  • The special offer terms and conditions are additional, and do not replace the standard terms and conditions of rental.

  • The special offer terms and conditions of rental apply to any reservation or booking made by a guest where the guest receives the applicable discount. Payment for the reservation made with the applicable discount is deemed acceptance of those additional terms and conditions.